2017: Hitting The Target For A Better Year

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So we’re already into 2017. We’re going “this year had better be better!” Yet there’s so much that happens that I just can’t control. A wildfire. A downturn in the economy. But then there is stuff that I can control, stuff that I can change. Like how I respond to the wildfire or the economy. My […]

Moose Calling and Living Life To The Full!

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Jesus said, “I am come that you might have life and have it to the full.” (John 10:10). But what does that mean? Well deep down you probably have some sense of what it means. It’s this yearning found at the core of your being to experience life that is meaningful, invigorating and even a […]

Halloween: Let’s Enjoy it!!

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When I first entered full time ministry as a youth pastor, I vividly remember the tension — our church had to have an alternative to Halloween, a “Harvest Party,” — even though there was almost no one in the church who was doing much harvesting. This created a dilemma for my Senior Pastor who had […]

Tracking Moose & Experiencing God

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 I remember well the very first time I, well let’s use the politically correct term, “harvested” a moose. It was a clear crisp autumn morning; the leaves were just beginning to turn a brilliant yellow and orange. Between my friend the veteran moose hunter and myself we had a cow and a calf tag. We […]

Ethical Porn: Really?

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So on the first Sunday in February at the Fort McMurray Alliance Church we had what we called “Porn Sunday”.  You can find the message on iTunes by clicking here. So what’s this about? Recently I had a conversation with a guy who thought my concern about his regular use of porn was a bit […]

Fresh Winds Blowing In the Canadian Alliance!!

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I sense some fresh winds blowing in the Canadian Christian & Missionary Alliance, fresh winds that are stirring up what it has always meant to be “Alliance”, with just a few new twists, that in some cases are pretty old! A few fresh winds stirring up our historic roots, reigniting an old fire. It was […]

Reprocessing Anger Into Grace

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In the midst of Holy Week, let me take a break form the series of blogs I’m writing celebrating God’s leading Jane and myself to Fort McMurray including a little bit of extra stuff happening with Briercrest College & Seminary. Being Holy Week and all, we certainly have something of far greater importance to celebrate!! […]

Yeah, why do young people stay in church?

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Yeah why do young people stay in church? When there is so much being written about youth drop out, a great question is, “why do so many stay?” I was grabbed by one particular answer John Bowen offers in his book “Growing Up Christian: Why Young People Stay in Church, Leave Church, and (Sometimes) Come […]