GLS19: Let’s Start with Day One!

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Once again, the Global Leadership Summit held August 6 and 7, hit the ball out of the park. When it comes to a church near you in October, you just gotta make it a priority. There just isn’t a better more consistent leadership growth conference out there. After attending every GLS either live or at a […]


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To kick of the New Year I read Stephen Harper’s “Right Here Right Now: Politics and Leadership in the Age of Disruption.” It comes out my desire as a pastor and leader to be like the Old Testament men of Issachar, who are described as “men who understood the times and knew what Israel should do.” (1 […]

WORK RULES! That Will Transform How You Live And Lead

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I hope I never stop learning and growing. I hope I never stop evaluating what’s working and what’s not working as I lead teams. My passion is to see myself and the key leaders of Fort City grow in our ability to develop a high-performance culture that empowers our staff and volunteers to be all […]

2017: Hitting The Target For A Better Year

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So we’re already into 2017. We’re going “this year had better be better!” Yet there’s so much that happens that I just can’t control. A wildfire. A downturn in the economy. But then there is stuff that I can control, stuff that I can change. Like how I respond to the wildfire or the economy. My […]

The Syrian Refugee Dilemma

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This post is adapted from an article in Fort McMurray Today, Friday September 25, 2015 Where are you at as you consider the dilemma of refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and beyond flooding into Europe? Moved? Getting involved? Fearful? Cynical? A group from my church family, Fort City Church, has been moved by this huge […]

Learning The Art of Teaching From a Canadian Sniper

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This summer I had a “bucket-list” experience of taking a basic marksmanship course from Rob Furlong. He’s the former Canadian military sniper who held for a period of time, the record for the longest confirmed sniper kill in combat, at 2,430 meters. I was pumped at reaching the point where I was able to successfully […]

Navigating Christian Bravado With My Islamic Neighbour

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This week I got a phone call by a well-intentioned Christian group who wanted to present “the facts” about Islam, to people in our city and were wondering if we at Fort McMurray Alliance would host a seminar. I checked the group out and discovered that one of their convictions is that an evil movement […]