Ambushed By Fort Mac — Totally Unexpected!

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Thursday January 26th, 2012. I flew into Fort McMurray for the very first time. It was supposed to be a “consulting weekend” at the Fort McMurray Alliance Church, an opportunity to tell my story of what God had done at Redwood Park Church in Thunder Bay. The idea was to encourage the church folks here. […]

Easter Weekend: Saying Good-Bye to Redwood & Tbay!!

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As Easter weekend comes to a close, I’m hit with the realization that next Sunday will be my last Sunday in Thunder Bay! After a quick jaunt to Tennessee to recalibrate with Jane, I begin the Fort Mac adventure on May 1. As I do, I leave Thunder Bay with huge excitement for the future […]

Doing Life “With God!”

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As 2011 warps up in a little over a day and we enter into the whole new world of 2012, I find myself in the midst of the blessed experience of a period of sabbatical and transition. Now sometimes I’ve had to convince myself that this really is a blessing. Stepping down from almost 20 […]

The End of an Era, but not a Destiny!!

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Wow, what a party!! Thanks to all of you who came, as well as to Annika Pretchuck and the team that put together such a wonderful evening for Jane and myself, celebrating our 20 years with the Redwood Park Church family!! Twenty years is a good chunk of time! And a night like that we […]

Yeah, why do young people stay in church?

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Yeah why do young people stay in church? When there is so much being written about youth drop out, a great question is, “why do so many stay?” I was grabbed by one particular answer John Bowen offers in his book “Growing Up Christian: Why Young People Stay in Church, Leave Church, and (Sometimes) Come […]

In Defence of Youth Ministry

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Recently on Facebook I caught a disparaging quote on the state of contemporary student ministry based on Drew Dyck’s book “Generation Ex-Christian.” It elicited several supportive responses. I chose to post a comment to the contrary. Let me explain … Now I enjoyed reading Dyck’s “Generation Ex-Christian.” His writing style appeals to me, and more […]

Experiencing God at 11.6 Litres per 100 Kilometres

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I love to drive long distances. It relaxes me. It quickly gets me into another world away from the intensity of day to day life as a lead pastor of a wonderful but often complex church family. Not to mention my own complexities that I add to the mix! ☺ The drive to North Bay […]

Praying For Redwood in 2011 ~ Isaiah 27:6

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Currently I am working through the book of Isaiah in my “quiet times,” of prayer, prayerful reading, listening for the Spirit and journaling. And while I’m careful about taking Scripture out of the context and purpose for which it was originally written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, I do find as folk have […]

Church, Vacation and the Dreams of Youth

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So Jane and I have taken a quick post Christmas break in warm and sunny Orlando. Unlike last year’s escape, the temperature is actually nice, it hit 81F/ 27C yesterday! Unfortunately the traffic is like double last year, perhaps a sign of an improving economy or just good weather, or both, but I digress … […]